An online documentation of the khojis' learnings and doings.

Khoji Batch 2

Ashu , from Faridabad, Haryana: Claims Delhi and its surrounding regions as his preying ground. Growing up inKarm Marg, he is adept at making things out of waste (kabaad se jugaad), film-making, and managing a kitchen to feed many hungry mouths. His concern for his fellow community members always works in the background, whether in his food or his films.

Pratik Thakur, from Nashik, Maharashtra: The original bathroom singer of Swaraj. With a love for heavy metal, a pierced eyebrow and a beard straight out of 300, it’s no wonder that he loves all wild things, and he wants to capture all of his wild pursuits on camera.

Dhaval Shukla from Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Cliched it may be, but he is a true ABCD (American Born Confused Desi). He came to India at the age of 12, and never wants to go back. While he graduated from college with a degree in computer engineering, all he wants to do is help people understand themselves and others, and stop fighting all the time.

Palvi Korgaonkar, from Mumbai, Maharashtra: Born and bred in the congested city of Mumbai, she loves to spend time on farms and in the midst of wildlife, especially birds and snakes. She’s been around India helping conserve biodiversity and helping local communities, whether in the cold mountains of Uttarakhand, the green hills of Assam, or in the warm and humid farms of Tamil Nadu.

Vikas Jain from Shahgarh, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh: His love for chai, politics, and stating everything in a straightforward manner in shuddh hindi makes him a perfect radio presenter and comedian. However, his dream is to create and facilitate learning centres in his local community.

Prasant Das 
from Bhubaneshwar, Orissa: He loves to experiment with his facial hair, and can transform from Yamraaj to an innocent school boy in a matter of minutes. Behind his wild expressions and his fanged teeth, lies a caring and docile person who loves spending time with children and healing others through alternative healing practices.

Mackenzie Shreve, from Omaha, Nebraska: Her love for Bollywood music and her fluent Hindi seems to suggest that she must have been an Indian in her previous life. Born in the heart of America, she studied theology in college, but the only thing she wants to do now is farm (and talk about poop). She’s currently leading a project to build a compost toilet at Tapovan.

Malhar Indulkar 
from Ratnagiri, Maharashtra: While he may seem shy, modest and rather naive, don’t miss his wicked sense of humour that he will direct at you from time to time. He can climb trees and mountians and wants to live with aboriginal communities to understand marine wildlife.

Ritesh Shekawat from Udaipur, Rajasthan: She loves to design and paint, and can make jewellery out of almost anything. Her laugh is infectious, and so is her peaceful demeanour. Whenever she bakes a cake or makes parathas, we can’t stop drooling.

Anirudh Singh Rathore from Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh: We never know what lies behind his mysterious smile, but we satisfy ourselves by assigning him nicknames such as Ratlam ka Rathod and Rowdy. While forest conservation is his passion, he also loves using his hands to make things, from lampshades out of coconuts to herbal soap and cream.

Gautam Bharti, from Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh: Gifted in the art of theatre, music and painting, Gautam wants to explore what he can do all this with waste. He has travelled in North India and has worked with schools and institutes in doing highly creative projects. His aesthetic sense is profound, and he has been offered an authoring contract to write about how waste can be used as art.

Anusha Radhakrishnan from Chennai, Tamil Nadu: She is a magnet for small kids, and can form an instant connection with anyone even without knowing their language. She wants to go deep and understand spirituality, religion, and the meaning of life, and this process has taken her to understand alternative healing practices and to work with small children and their education.

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