An online documentation of the khojis' learnings and doings.

Khoji Batch 3

Rahul Karanpuriya (Bhilwada, Rajasthan) हम है रही प्यार के, हमसे कुछ ना बोलिए, जो भी प्यार से मिला, हम उसीके हो लिये|   
Always ready with his beautiful shayaris, Rahul is seeking to connect games with social issues. He is a sports enthusiast and has played cricket at the national level.

Madhur Anand (Bhopal, MP) You shouldn’t fall asleep on your heart. It’ll go numb
Joining Swaraj and taking a ‘gap’ is an initiation for him to move out of the rat race and tread his own path. He has walked out after completing high-school because he felt that schooling was making him insensitive and suppressing his creativity. He is interested in travelling, storytelling, and exploring life.

Nachiket Sandesh Kulkarni (Ratnagiri, Maharashtra)
Interested in dancing, Nachiket has been learning and teaching various forms of dance, including salsa. Nachiket has no interest in studies, and wants to explore his interests in acting, film-making has even done a cameo in ‘Kaminey’.

Siddharth Yamkar (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
After walking out of engineering, Siddharth has joined Swaraj to explore new things in life. He loves working with machines and dreams to make a few of his own. He has also worked in automobile garages and has learned to repair electrical equipment. He also wants to learn film-making, kabaad se jugaad and farming.

Shoeb Ahmed (Bhilai, Chhatisgarh)
Shoeb has lived in Bangalore since the past 4 years and has quit his job in IT in search of a more meaningful life. He has been into music since an early age, and is currently seeking to learn various folk music of India and their relevance to the cultural history, practiced spirituality and philosophy of each era. He is also interested in getting a holistic understanding of how different cultures fused together to form our widely perceived understanding of music.

Kamalbir Kaur (Amritsar, Punjab)
Kamalbir believes that everything happens for a reason that that’s why she’s here.  After graduating in Arts, she discontinued her formal studies. She wants to explore her interests in stitching, dancing, sketching, cooking, kabaad se jugaad, and how to lead a simple life.

Kiran Patil (Pune, Maharashtra)
One of the youngest members in Swaraj’s third batch, Kiran loves swimming, cycling and has been teaching swimming for quite some time now. He wishes to explore himself and his interest in nature and event management.

Gaurav Gurjar (Jodhpur, Rajasthan) Do what you must! Not what you can!!
Gaurav completed his engineering but never wanted to settle in a 9 to 5 job slot. He is interested in theatre, philosophy, sports and wants to explore wildlife photography, and dreams to take up renewable energy to a wide spectrum.

Karen D’Mello (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
After working for 5 years in I.T. and the advertisement sector, Karen left everything to explore her passion in theatre. She wants to dig deep into theatre and explore it more as a form of expression, as a medium of social change and as an entertainment. Apart from theatre, she has varied interests. Since the diversity is immense at Swaraj, she believes she has a lot to learn from the diversity of people here.

Aman Singh Dhesi (Udaipur, Punjab and U.K)  We keep on contemplating the complexities of life when we cannot understand the simplicities
Having completed his formal education in International Development, Aman could not see himself fitting into mainstream society. Deeper introspection into his own life has brought him to India, his ancestral homeland, where he is exploring the notion of Swaraj, taking control of self – both through thoughts and actions as well as connecting to his family roots in Punjab.

Nachiketa Doctor (Baroda, Gujarat) Where there is a will, there is a way
Nachiketa is passionate about dancing, listening music and swimming. He wishes to explore wildlife and organic farming, kabaad se jugaad, and event management.

Akash Pandya (Baroda, Gujarat) Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world
Akash is fond of philosophy, movies and cartoons and dreams to start his own entrepreneurial venture and wants to bring a sea of change in the economics and politics of the world. He also wants to continue with his passion of film-making.

Aviral Mittal (Bhilwada, Rajasthan)
After studying engineering for 3 years, and failing several times, Aviral got disenchanted with the education that passed people who only had rote knowledge and stamped those as a failure who did not fit in. He is here to explore his interests in architecture,  philosophy, music, farming, and to understand what can be done without a degree.

Arjun Aiyar (Thane, Maharashtra)
Faced with two choices – either to continue his studies or to join Swaraj, Arjun chose the latter to discover what actually his interest his and in what ways he can fulfill them. He considers his interests as his supporting pillars. His interests lie in drawing, painting, singing, playing the synthesizer, piano, and many more.

Lakshmi Gunasekhar (Chennai, TN)
Another walkout from the formal education and economic system, trying to understand how to live on this earth, for Lakshmi feels the present way is just not right. She’s trying to understand the human mind, express herself through words and photography, and live a life of a farmer.

Krishna Prasad (Kanhangad, Kerela)  I came here to live my life the way I should be. Hence, I am playing my life.
Krishna wants to earn his living by making some people smile. He was moved by the suffering of gas victims in Bhopal when he visited JP nagar, Bhopal and witnessed the condition of people living there. He dreams to start an enterprise in support of them. And he is happy to be amongst the right set of people to make his dream come true.

Tushar Dilip Kelkar (Raigad, Maharashtra)
With 10 years of experience in snake catching, Tushar has a deep interest in wildlife. He also has worked in agro-tourism sector and knows how to make organic fertilizer. He wants to explore more of his interest in wildlife.

Devang Soni (Baroda, Gujarat)
Weather forecaster is what we call him. Deeply interested into science of everyday life, Devang loves to play with science. Has interest in astronomy, kabaad se jugaad science experiments and wants to explore farming, zero-waste life and also wants to invent new affluent treatment techniques.

Nikhil Sheth (Pune, Maharashtra)
Working in I.T. sector for three years, he felt he could make a better use of his skills doing something more useful for the community and the world. An year in the field of education showed me in full force the horrors of the top-down factory mindset. There is a lot he wants to do, but in self-determined, non-authoritative, and open environment. Nikhil is a tech-geek of Swaraj, and handles computers, documentation and is interested in environment, renewable energy, technology, gender issues, education and world politics.

Shailendra JP (Manasa, Madhya Pradesh)
Shailendra is interested in farming, likes to do hands-on work.

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