An online documentation of the khojis' learnings and doings.

Khoji Batch 1

Ravi Gaikwad : आजाद पंछी ऊची उड़ान, यह है मेरी पहचान
Ravi is from Ahmednagar. He loves to work with small children and dreams to start a centre for the street children where they will learn livelihood skills. Ravi is also Swaraj’s bank of music and be morning or night, he just cannot stop singing and entertaining us.Harshita WadhyaHold your hands, tap your feet. Let the music play, and we dance in the rhythm of life
Harshita is from Varanasi. She is interested in exploration and adventure, sustainable living, psychology, self-healing, music and arts. Harshita also loves dancing.

Vikas Wadje: मी यशाचे हज़ार मार्ग शोधले पण मी अपयशी झालो असे नाही त्यातूनही मला काहीतरी शिकायला मिळले
Popularly known as ‘Guruji’, Vikas comes from Nashik and is interested in Ayurveda and practices different forms of healing including Pranic Healing and naturopathy. Vikas knows more about Vedic studies and Sanskrit than all of us put together.

Javed Pathan Khan: एक दुनिया एक आवाज
With rarity of anger in him, Javed is exploring world peace with his organization Yes for Peace which he runs with his wife Shehnaz.

Gyan Shahane: तेवत असेल जर अंतरीचा दिवा तर बाहेरचा आदर्श कशाला हवा?
Gyan is from Nashik, but now calls himself Manipuri since he has made deep connections with the people there while on a land reform movement yatra. He is interested in film-making and is currently video-documenting Ekta Parishad’s Jan Satyagraha Yatra.

Savyasachi Anju-PrabirPeople should follow what they believe in
A movie and food freak, Sachi loves travelling, and has a huge collection of movies from all over the world. He currently studies at the Shrishti School of Design, Bangalore. He has an e-portfolio of his photographs at

Saud HakimSimple living, high thinking
A thinker, tech-geek, and ‘teddy’ is what we call Saud, who hails from Baroda. He is interested in sustainability, urban farming and web designing. Saud is a voracious reader and aims to develop a deep understanding of life itself.

Jayesh MohtaLive life like life, as life is for once
A hardcore enthusiast, Jayesh hails from Ahmedabad and is interested in youth activities, theatre and psychology. He runs a cafe and open space in Udaipur called ‘Banyan Roots’ to promote organic food and youth activities.

Sachin Jadhav: मनाने इतके कणखर व्हा, कितीही संकटे आली तरी तुमची मनःशांती किंचितही ढळणार नाही
An actor by birth, Sachin is from Nashik and thoroughly enjoys theatre, and making stuff with hands. He has learnt to make products from hand-made paper and makes amazing lamp-shades, earrings and photo frames.

Rama Barhat: मेरी रफ्तार धीमी ही, पर सही दिशा में है
Known to hit sixes out of no where, Rama from Udaipur can easily gel with people and make friends. She is interested in film-making and has made several short films and documentaries. Her film Jazba  (a strong will) won an award and was screened at a film-festival in New York.

Anant SinghMan is the only creature that ‘works’ for a living, all others just LIVE!
Anant hails from Mysore. He is interested in everything to do with sustainable living. Hi is currently spending his time farming on his grandmother’s farm Aquila near Mysore. Anant is also passionate about renewable energy and hopes to start an eco-consultancy business in his hometown.

Vijay Ubale: खुद बनाओ, खुद चलाओ
A fearless activist and a natural leader, Vijay comes from Nashik. He loves People’s Activism and has worked with the dalit movement. He is also interested in media and cooking and more so eating.

Kishan Prajapat: सीख सरीरां उपजे
Kishan hails from Udaipur. He is interested in singing, healing and film-making, and loves to play with his two little daughters. Kishan is working on his project of Ram-Ram Udaipur, a local TV series  and dreams to start a community media project in Udaipur.

Sakhi Nitin AnitaThis, too, shall pass
Sakhi is from Nasik and loves the creative arts, especially writing. A highly articulate and creative person, she has varied interests and is passionate about feminist activism. A poet and letter-writer, she blogs at Sakhi’s Pensieveand runs a letter-writing movement called The Prem-Patra Project.

Santosh: हम सब आगे बढ़े, एक दूजे का साथ दें
A storyteller, and always in shorts, Santosh comes from Mumbai and knows a lot of cooperative games. Currently, he is travelling with Ekta Parishad’s land reform movement and is video-documenting it.

Rahul HasijaUnknown is the path, unknown is the destination, unknown is the journey, known is my willingness to walk
Rahul comes from Indore and is interested in writing, self-expression, travelling and dancing & is currently working with Swaraj University coordinating with mentors and also designing his project on stories. He blogs at Freedom Walker.

Zain Rehmatullah: 
Zain hails originally from Hyderabad but currently stays in New Delhi. He has completed his education from SOAS, London, and has come to Swaraj to explore and understand philosophy and life’s deeper questions. He also dreams of starting a community radio unit in Hyderabad.

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