An online documentation of the khojis' learnings and doings.

Facilitation Team

Vartika Poddar:
Vartika has joined as a co-facilitator during the Khoji Meets, to help and guide the khojis in their self-designed learning process. She is interested in hosting alternative learning spaces for young people. She had started a similar space called ‘Swabhav’ in Kolkata, her hometown, where she conducted learning activities with children and sometimes adults.

Ankur Roy-Choudhari:
Ankur is a hot-blooded Bengali who is passionnate about social activism, and food. He hails from Kolkata, and has been involved in many activist movements there. He also like engaging young people into dialogues about social issues, and has been doing so in the past few years when he co-hosted Swabhav, a centre for learning in Kolkata. He has joined Swaraj as a co-facilitator.

Sumi Chandresh:
Sumi is interested in many things – from cooking healthy and delicious food to zero-waste design. She resides at Tapovan during the Khoji Meets and makes wonderful food for everyone. She is also the administrator and the go-to person for any logistical queries, on-campus issues, and will even offer advice, if asked nicely. Her two sons, Qudrat and Ajanmya, are important members of the Swaraj community.

Mahesh Kabra:
Mahesh ji, as he is fondly called by everyone, handles the accounts and administrative duties of Swaraj. He comes from the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. He is interested in organic farming, healthy food and alternative healthcare.

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