An online documentation of the khojis' learnings and doings.


Nitin Paranjape

Nitin Paranjape is one of the founder-members of Abhivyakti. For more than 20 years, his passion has been around supporting community media for deeper personal reflection and social dialogue in local communities. Most recently, Nitin has co-founded EarthCare Designs, a green enterprise which designs and prototypes eco-friendly products and technology.

Reva Dandage

Reva Dandage has been passionately involved with Democratic Education since 2002. Her interest in understanding the pedagogy of self-directed learning has taken her to several alternative and free schools around the world. She also experienced being a self-directed student during her graduate studies at Goddard College.

Manish Jain

Manish Jain is the founder-coordinator of Shikshantar Andolan which has been significant in shaping the larger unschooling movement in South Asia. His passion is in the areas of organic farming, healthy cooking, zero waste living and community media. He was one of the visionaries behind UNESCO’s Learning Without Frontiers programme for the 21st century.

Deborah Frieze

Deborah Frieze is co-president of The Berkana Institute, USA and developed the Berkana Exchange. She is passionate about  entrepreneurship, self-organizing systems and new models of leadership. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School. She recently co-authored the bestselling book, Walk Out Walk On.

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