An online documentation of the khojis' learnings and doings.

About this space

Swaraj University was birthed in 2010 as a two year learning programme for youth. The focus of the programme is on self-designed learning and on green entrepreneurship, including exploration of basic business skills within the context of ecological sustainability and social justice. This self-directed learning process invites the khojis to identify their hearts’ visions and engages them in developing the skills, relationships and practices they need to manifest those visions.

Currently, there are 34 khojis in their first and second year, and 14 more who have already graduated.

Khoji Batch 1

This is an online platform for the khojis to document their learning process at Swaraj through posts, photos, videos, audios, and maps. This platform will enable the khojis to know about each other’s locations, activities, insights and questions, as well as support each other in this journey. We also hope to share this documentation with the world, hence the online presence.

Each khoji has a space to present his or her documentation and portfolio of learning. Also, to make things easy for the reader, we have created categories according to the diverse learning interests of the khojis. Clicking on a specific category will show all the work that is being done in that field, by the khojis of Swaraj U.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy looking around!

Comments on: "About this space" (2)

  1. sakhanitin said:

    Great start!

  2. चल इक पुराना इश्तिहार छापे
    “इन्कलाब जिंदाबाद” अख़बार छापे

    तुम तो मस्त हो जाओगे अपनी दुनिया में
    किसी तड़पते हुए का ऐतबार छापे

    गरीब, मजलूम, गमजदा, बेसहारा
    उनकी टूटती उम्मीदों का इंतज़ार छापे

    हाकिम का हंटर इंतज़ार में हे हर वक़्त
    के कब कोई बगावत को हकदार छापे

    हर जुल्मो-सितम की परवाज़ बहुत छोटी हे
    कोई तो हक से पेगामे-परवरदिगार छापे

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