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Sharing an article on inter-generational housing experiments.. A Web of Generations: Housing for All Ages at Chicago’s H.O.M.E.

“The residence houses up to 12 older people and 4 residential assistants, college students or young people with jobs who live here rent-free in exchange for about 20 hours a week of help, from laundry to meal prep to entertainment.”

My two cents: Believe it or not, even the americans say that earlier this was automatically the case and now things are so separated and lonely. It’s a universal condition, the feeling is mutual. But in this case I see an acceptance that things have changed and a willingness to explore new and creative ways of dealing with the situation rather than just lamenting about the good old days. And I must also give some weightage to the fact that earlier when this was the case, there was also a lot of needless policing, lack of freedom, stress of
expectations.. which many folks are sincerely glad to have gotten away from. Perhaps it’s just as well that we try something new instead of simply reverting.

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